Pandas! Pandas! Pan-da! 大大大熊猫!

Panda has been the sexy icon for all Sino-related issues: politics, fashion, food, sports, etc. This pseudo-herbivore does not hibernate, and it mainly feeds on bamboo shoots, leaves and roots, occasionally eats small creatures and carcasses. 

There is always a mass gathering of pandas in public premises. Never the real panda. And even if a panda were to roam around the streets, it would be an instinct for women and men to play dead. Just like the way if you were to meet the North American bear, grizzly bear. 

In Hong Kong, panda-iconic works can be spotted almost everywhere. Have you seen any panda-ish or animal artworks or products in your city or town? Submit your pictures to our editorial mailing address: or hashtag your Instagram entry with #pandaNR and #animalNR .



Source: NaoRococo

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