Tsurutontan つるとんたん: Makes you say ‘Hello’ to Udon

Rather than introducing arts and reporting on art & design news, our editorial and correspondents are frequent food lovers. As much as we like art, we do tip off some good recommendations of places to go and eatery- i.e. not something that you will find in your usual travel guidebook.

In Japan, udon is a staple food. Udon has no artificial taste and this thick wheat flour noodle can be made with almost any soup, and can be served semi-dry with a mixed of egg yolk and sauce. We are introducing a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan. This is not an advertorial introductory, and we were recommended through word-of-mouth.  

Tsurutontan was established about three years ago and it became very popular after its first year in Tokyo. The restaurant has expanded to a number of stores in Tokyo, and we visited the branch located in Shinjuku. It is about ten minutes walk from Shinjuku JR train station.

In the evening till 10pm, Tsurutontan invites musicians to play improvised jazz music. Customers should be prepared to stay in line for 30mins to an hour to be seated and to get hold of the menu; in Japanese, English, Mandarin.

Each udon meal is priced between 1200 and 2000 yen. Aside of the classic recipes (e.g with kuramame natto – known as black fermented beans), there are fusion udon including carbonara-based sauce.

Portion of the serving is excellent for everyone coming from all parts of the world. With the same price, customers may choose among the three serving sizes: one-, two-, or three-person.

And the bowls are huge!

Source: NaoRococo

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