The List

Yuhui Lin is the founder of The Waterhouse. NaoRococo(NR) and WGallery belong to The Waterhouse. She is trained in epidemiology and population studies. Prior to establishing NR media content, Lin was the editor-in-charge of the Asia Pacific Biotech News in Singapore (Issues: July 2015 to December 2015). She was featured in and by PR Newswire as the news editor for Asia Biotech and received the Best Entrepreneur of year 2015 in News and Featured Writings by the National University of Singapore. Before her media and editorial departure in scientific field, she was a principal in media intelligence and a communication consultant in healthcare and for biopharm firms.

The Correspondents:

Pei L is a PhD Immunologist in training and is currently located an hours travel to the Rocky Mountains in Canada. Despite the fantastic outdoors location, he spends an enormous time indoors in the laboratory with white mice. On the few occasions where the mice are sleeping, he gets to spend time in the wilderness in the winter snow or bare mountain scree in the summer. Location: Canadian Mountains.

Joey Y is an actuary, who enjoys travel and good food. Location: Hong Kong. 

KC is trained as an Interior Designer (ID), Practicing interior design in Singapore with projects scattered in Singapore and rest of Asia. Art & architecture enthusiast, a city wanderer. You may find him exploring cities & cultural establishment sporadically in different cities during his spare hours. Location: Singapore.

Firdawsi is a medical doctor and an epidemiologist. She enjoys theatre arts and has a passion for saving lives. She will be joining the Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF); speculating in year 2016, and there shall be column entries written by her. Current location: London, UK.

Hilda O is trained as a public analyst. She is currently based in Kenya, and she will be updating us on the interesting aspects in Kenya.

Kögel is a photographer and he is based in Germany. Lin reckons he is one of the very best photographers in Germany.