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NaoRococo is a combination of Nao (in japanese) for honest *honesty* and Rococo (in french) for 18th-century artistic movement and style, affecting many aspects of the arts; the news articles are structured in a comprehensive, light-hearted and sophisticated manner.

This platform serves as a news gateway to bring different areas of work and products including art, design, interior design, lifestyle, gastronomy, paintings, photography, culture, a flair for mathematics (shapes and sizes), and social behaviour studies all-in-one station. We do not accept advertorial products that may gear subjective bias or superiority, and may be of a conflict of interest. However, we do believe that all enterprises should be sustainable.

Audience or Readership
In accordance to the figures in October 2015 to January 2016, about 75% of NR’s audience resides in Asia-Pacific; and 15% audience in Europe and 5% from other regions in the world.

Who are we?
The Editorial List

What we do
We disseminate news, we write articles and news that are of an interest to current affairs; international and regional. Comparative studies and some research work of the products or workpieces are part of our interests. As much as we would like to verify our news content, we are not liable for the accuracy of the news.

We may not accept advertorial products, but we write advertorial features. A subtitle will be included at the end of each advertorial feature. For enquiries on advertorial pricing and ad-featured content, please write us an email:  nylin@naorococo.net

Images, Photographs and Visuals
Photographs that are published on this site, are mostly travel pictures and collections of our editors and correspondents. Figures and other images generated by contributors or authors would have obtained permission(s) for publishing on this site. If you would like to share our content on or to your social media or website, please credit NaoRococo and the corresponding author at the end of your article or entry, and we appreciate a notification via email: nylin@naorococo.net

As much as we like to attend events and accepting invitations, we cannot guarantee any writings to be published on any of The Waterhouse sites. We are no triple-Js to smooth the process for public-relations personnels and delegates. To qualify for full waiver, content must fulfill one of the followings: i) education, ii) non-profit organisation, iii) environmental awareness, iv) proves to be beneficial to members of the public or a specialized committee.

Content that does not qualify for full waiver will be subjected to charges for publishing in NaoRococo site; refer to the aforementioned general media pack and infograph for more information.

Source: NaoRococo, The Waterhouse

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