How to become a Unicorn: Where Art meets Science

The launch of the permanent exhibition at the ArtScience museum in Singapore, FUTURE WORLD created by teamLab has drawn the attention to the possibility of how Art can be sustainable and transformed with Science.

The core concept of teamLab is to create a space that combines art, technology and creativity, and it has to be a space which is constantly changing. The change however requires some input from a catalyst, i.e. visitors to the interactive exhibition. In contrary to a piece of artwork which is very much fixated to the number of perspectives to it, teamLab has been creating installations that awake our five senses. As a writer who enjoys both art and science, teamLab referring themselves as ‘Ultra-technologists’ is much accurately termed.

It is always a joy to create something new in art and science, but the transformation from an idea to a product is no less profound than a caterpillar undergoes phenotypic changes to a butterfly. Mr. Toshiyuki Inoko, the co-founder of teamLab, and his team have certainly evolved themselves to a unicorn.

In almost all creation, there is a black box – the pandora box where the prototypes are produced, refer to figure shown. The launch of each prototype will then be subjected to comparison to opponents’ existing or new works. This is where cruelty starts. If it is does not awaken anyone’s senses and does not benefit anyone living on this planet, the probability to becoming a unicorn and to create something more beautiful than ‘rainbow farts’ of the unicorn is rather low.

But not all first trial follow work perfectly, so there is a small probability of resuscitation.  The creator returns to the black box and makes some changes, and hopefully, eventually, the new product awakes some senses.

how to be a unicorn

One of the impressive exhibits at FUTURE WORLD is shown in the video-clip and it is something to consider for, perhaps as a home fun and play installation, Hopscotch

The writings in this post does not represent or to convey messages to the public from teamLab or the ArtScience museum.
For Mr. Toshiyuki Inoko’s speech at the press preview of the permanent exhibition, click here:

About Mr. Toshiyuki Inoko, the co-founder of teamLab
Toshiyuki Inoko was born in 1977 in Tokushima City, Japan and graduated from the University of Tokyo Department of Mathematical Engineering and Information Physics, Faculty Engineering in 2001.

Shortly after graduating, Inoko recognized that the future was going to be digital, and he went on to establish teamLab with a group of like-minded friends, all who shared the desire to shape a new society brought about by digital technology. teamLab is as an art collective and interdisciplinary creative group that brings together professionals from various fields of practice in the digital society: artists, programmers, engineers, CG animators, mathematicians, architects, web and print designers and editors. Referring to themselves as ‘Ultra-technologists,’ their aim is to achieve a balance between art, science, technology and creativity. For more information, visit teamLab’s official site:

Written by: NY Lin
Figure by: NY Lin
Inoko’s biography by teamLab
Courtesy photo of the unicorn: Pinterest

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