Press Lamp or simply give it a ‘Pinch’

tynec 40

The Press Lamp design is available in two styles: a pendant lamp and a floor lamp. In this design, glass tubes are pressed as though they were pinched and the light source is fitted into the resulting narrowed space. Unusual in that relies on no metal form, its compression produces a soft, organic form and imbues each lamp with a singular visual aspect. This product is available at MACSK, Singapore.

Oki Sato – Nendo (born 1977) is the head of Nendo, a design studio based in Tokyo. His name is gaining momentum rapidly in the field of design. Oki Sato has received numerous accolades internationally. However, it has never been about fame and fortune of mass production for Nendo. Instead, their goal is to offer a fresh perspective combining the philosophy of eco-design and traditional processes of manufacturing inspired by daily life.

Source: LASVIT


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