Gaumont: 120 Years of Cinema and Retrospective

Gaumont: 120 Years of Cinema

  • 15 April – 15 May 2016
  • National Design Centre
  • Free admission

French film company Gaumont is one of the most well-established studios in the industry, celebrating in 2015 its 120 years of film production and distribution. The National Design Centre, as an eclectic centre for art, serves as the perfect backdrop to discover the history and development of Gaumont and movies in France across the decades.

Interactive and educational, the exhibition, which will make its Asian premiere, offers the best of Gaumont and French cinema through posters and exclusive screenings, which illuminate its central role in French culture.

This exhibition will be accompanied by a retrospective of emblematic masterpieces of Gaumont, spanning over the decades. A Gaumont retrospective showing Gaumont’s outstanding films will also be organised during Voilah! French Festival at different venues.

Gaumont Retrospective

  • 16 April – 21 May 2016
  • National Design Centre, The Projector, Alliance française

This is a film retrospective of 16 movies from the Gaumont catalog: Classics to the best French comedies at the National Design Centre, The Projector and the Alliance française.

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Source: Voilah! 2016, Institut Français Singapour and the French Embassy in Singapore

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