Additional artworks by Yen at WGallery

WGallery is proud to present Ong Hwee Yen’s Untitled series: Untitled 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 10.  Untitled 5 and 8 are already reserved for art collectors. For direct purchase of Yen’s artworks, visit  or Yen’s Untitled at WGallery. WGallery ships all artworks via FedEx, unless stated otherwise by buyers or purchasers.

All inquiries must be addressed to: 

Untitled 1Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled 1_2015_Acrylic on  Canvas_76x76cm

Untitled 2Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled 2_2015_Acrylic on  Canvas_76x76cm

Untitled 3Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled 3_2015_Acrylic on  Canvas_76x76cm

Untitled 4Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled 4_2015_Acrylic on  Canvas_76x76cm

Untitled 6Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled 6_2015_Acrylic on  Canvas_76x76cm

Untitled 7Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled7_2015_Acrylic on Canvas_76x76cm

Untitled 9Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled 9_2016_Acrylic on  Canvas_76x76cm

Untitled 10Ong Hwee Yen_Untitled10_2016_Acrylic on  Canvas_76x76cm

Source: The Waterhouse, WGallery

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