Sudah Makan, Celebrating good food and SG51

In celebration of Singapore’s 51st independence day, The Fullerton heritage, The Good Bank Singapore and Arts to You have brought to you eight aspiring Singaporeans artists. The exhibition was launched by Ambassador-at-Large, Ministryof Foreign Affairs , Ms Chan Heng Chee. 

Exhibition ends on 29th August 2016, held at The Fullerton Hotel. For artworks that are sold at the exhibition, a small portion of the profit will be donated to charity. There is also a silent bidding section, write your highest bid on a piece paper and the highest bidder will walk away with a one-of-a kind container drawn by the artists. 

And not forgetting to check on Ong Hwee Yen’s latest artworks at the exhibition. 


PS : we wouldn’t be updating this site as frequently as we used to. But we do hope that the contents that have been and will be added here are more valuable than the mainstream or news outlet. 

Featured photo: Benison Chung, Rice Dumplings

Ms Ong Hwee Yen and Ambassador-at-Large Ms Chan

By Don Low, Fading Rememberance, oil on canvas

By Paul Wang, At the Hawker Center, watercolours

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