Selling of Lin’s Artworks

Bring Art Home

She is running out of storage space and moving out of her island. Hence, a posting about selling part of her artworks.

Photo 13-05-2017, 10 44 56 (1)

About the artist
Yuhui Lin (NY Lin)
Lin is the founder of NaoRococo and The Waterhouse. Before her active involvement in art and design journalism, she had dedicated all of her career time in Science and news writing; Demography and Epidemiology. Her doctorate findings were also presented at the Nobel Forum Stockholm 2011/12 (aged: 27), Max Planck Institute, AXA Insurance meet, and population studies conferences. Lin had introduced mathematical protocols concerning population data and life expectancy projection. She is retiring from publishing empirical findings on the human rate of aging and trajectories of demographic elements.

‘Painting releases tension in and from the brain and I wish I had learned about it sooner.’  Lin was once offered to study and to be specialized in Chinese calligraphy and painting. An offer from a recruited art tutor during her elementary years, but she had her interest in botany then.

This art collection has its theme on floral and fauna, and each artwork has its vibrant energy symbolizing life and growth.

Artworks are part of an artist, and it is often difficult for artists to bid farewell to their artworks. For buyers,  bringing art home is as similar to bringing part of the artists’ energy and creativity home.

Description of artwork
Dimension: 10″x48″

Medium: Oil on canvas

Price: Starting bid at $500 USD each, highest bidder brings art home.

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