GOODBYE 2022, HELLO 2023

We hope all you beautiful people out there have had a wonderful 2022. Most team members at The Waterhouse have enjoyed a good year in 2022. We had our ups and downs, crazy colleagues at the office, covid-scare and real covid positive. We are born in the 1980s, which means it would be unusual if we are not working for someone at a management-level.

I will share what I have accomplished in 2022.

Some of you might be aware of my analytical background. Many years ago, I did some intense analytical training in Germany, at the Max Planck Institute. At that time, machine learning in data was not a popular method received in data science. It was mainly perceived as a discipline in computer science. And as a doctorate student, you learn things, follow instructions, and test things out on your own. I met up with my advisor once every week or two weeks. For a time interval of 15 mins, I had to debate my findings as though I am a solicitor presenting it to the judge. And in the language of Maths and Statistics. If there’s dispute, it would be another wait. The following week or two, and again, only 15 mins.

With some skills learned, in 2022, I joined a small consultancy firm as a senior statistician, and was promoted to the head of biostatistics (主任,主管). And over the year, it is wise to state that there is a fine line between empathy and sympathy. Being a founder myself, I have my empathy for other founders and CEOs, acting directors, president… whichever preferred designations they were to introduce themselves. I have also seen personalities and scenarios containing gas-lighting. A share of empathy for them if you were to be in their shoes. However, a mistake that is not admitted, and none of the experiments returned with the intended results shown in simulation, i.e., simulation output never meets empirical. And with no intention to fix.

It becomes a fraud.

Professionals meet up at conferences, and what do people do when they meet up? Talk. Word of mouth and public relations are strong elements for businesses.

I wish I could present a few lines of simple codes to illustrate on how it is possible to produce illusion which deceives most. But this publishing platform is public, and to demonstrate on how to replace objects in analytical codes and to produce ‘intended’ results is as good as teaching students how to scam.

I have left the company, and though I have received emails, I have no intent to communicate any further. Sometimes, all it takes is to meet a few people to recognise how expensive I am/ you are.

Closing message:
At The Waterhouse NR, we hope our posts have brought you laughs and information on places to visit. We hope to bring in some tech relating to arts or design in 2023. Our team members bid farewell to 2022, and look forward to 2023.

Founder: Lin

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