Musical chairs: Merry-go-round

Office Chairs

If you spend more than six hours at desk, your spine will thank you for pouring in some investments in purchasing one or two decent chairs for work. 

The first chair on the list: 

Variable Balans Office Chair. 

This chair reminds me of my grandmother’s rocking chair. It rocks if you push yourself forward and back while seated-kneeling on it. The design forces your spine to be straight up while your knees are well rested on the two lower front pads. It is well balanced, so you don’t have to worry about falling off from the chair. What it does it helps to realign your spine upright which might have had been swayed in various directions when you are seated on different chairs throughout the day. Having said so, it is not recommended to sit for long hours on the Variable Balans Chair. It might cause some pressure on the spine and knees.

It is not expensive. Price range is at $400 to $600. 

The second chair on the list: 

Hinomi Pro Ergonomic Chair. 

Perhaps the most basic office chair you can find on the market that offers back, neck and waist support. You can sit for long hours on this chair, and recline to switch off for a power nap. The only drawback from this is, it is likely we can find a similar design at IKEA and at a lower price. 

Price range is at $400 to $600.

The third chair on the list: 

Secret lab Chair.

My take on this is it looks cool, and it is for gamers. Perhaps not the type of chair that most companies would introduce to their office. It can recline and it is slim, which doesn’t take up as much space as Hinomi. If you were to work from home, and space is a consideration, this chair might be the choice. Similar to most office chairs, you can adjust the height and the armrests according to your preference. 

Price range is at $600 to $700.

The forth chair on the list: 

The Osim uThrone Gaming Massage Chair. 

Price range : $750 

Good lord this chair is extremely comfortable. And the best bit, it has its massage rollers for your back. Perhaps the one and only chair on the market that comes with a massage mode. It costs slightly more than the previous three chairs, but it is probably worth the extra cash. It can be a little bulky, but the seats are thicker than the Secret Lab. If a massage is called for, a plug-in is required and the power cord has to be kept safe. 

The fifth chair on the list:

DUOREST DUOTEX Ergonomic Chair

Price range: $1199.00

Though it has been on the market for quite some time, it is not very well known. It is the chair to go for. It feels like a director’s cut chair which anyone can sit on for long-hours, and without hurting their spine. I had sat on a similar version to the DUOREST DUOTEXT chair, and it seems that the adjustments for the back and seat have to be in good precision for the optimal benefits. It is slim. It doesn’t cause excessive sweating on the back and backside. The design resembles a pair of extra lungs for anyone sitting on it.

It is an award winning design chair which might explain for it’s pricier range. 

Found a chair that you like? Let us know!

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