Beijing’s Moebius Strip: where every piece of glass had to be customized

Phoenix International Media  凤凰国际传媒中心 Building status: Completed in Year 2013, May Land area: 18821.83m2 Built-up area: 75368m2 (Ground: 41630m2,basement: 33738m2) Height: 55m Depth: 15m Located in the South-west corner of Chaoyang park, Beijing, the Phoenix International Media has once again brought a new visual impact to its audience around the globe. On the contrary to its…

ZHU JINSHI Solo Art Exhibition

Courtesy image: Chinese New Year Is Coming (quadriptych), 2015, Oil on canvas, 180x160cm x4. Yuan Art Museum, 2016. Exhibition Dates: 2016.4.28 – 7.27 Venue: Yuan Art Museum, 112 Lizexiyuan North Guangshun Street Wangjing Chaoyang District, Beijing, China Yuan Art Museum, a non-profit organization founded in 2010 by Yan Gu is currently in its new developmental phase….