Beijing’s Moebius Strip: where every piece of glass had to be customized

Phoenix International Media  凤凰国际传媒中心

  • Building status: Completed in Year 2013, May
  • Land area: 18821.83m2
  • Built-up area: 75368m2 (Ground: 41630m2,basement: 33738m2)
  • Height: 55m
  • Depth: 15m

Located in the South-west corner of Chaoyang park, Beijing, the Phoenix International Media has once again brought a new visual impact to its audience around the globe. On the contrary to its previous built, the new building is shaped in accordance to a Möbius Strip.

artistimpression Phoneix4phoneix3phoneix2phoneix1

It was a challenging project. Mainly, because it is a shape that has never been built into a functional building. There was no sample protocol, no replication, and no existing software or programming templates construct the shape. The only Möbius Strip which we are familiar with is the paper-made Möbius Strip. And if you were to ever plot a Möbius Strip on your computer, it has to be a three-dimensional affair; x-, y- and z-coordinate.

If an architect were to build a Möbius Strip, the dimension and the angle of each piece must be accurately measured, and none of the pieces for its exterior layout is repetitive. That illustrates every glass for its window had to be customized and tilted to the correct angle to suit the Möbius Strip’s curvature.

When the two leading architects Shao Weiping and Liu Yu Guang first proposed the concept of a Möbius strip, their team of elites had to learn some good technical (i.e. programming) and apply their existing mathematical skills to create a Möbius Strip building that is both functional and sustainable.

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Photo credits: Jimmy Wu (吴吉明) – A travel photographer who publishes in Weibo.

Written by:

N.B: Möbius as Moebus, ö can be expressed as oe, but not recommended.


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