Hermés Leather Forever 

Hermés of Paris exhibition is held at Singapore’s Art Science Museum, Marina Bay Sands. Exhibition ends on the 13th December 2015.

The grand leather exhibition showcases pieces of leather, and on how they are trimmed and shaped to make your everyday bags; from office hours to dates in the evenings.



It is an interactive exhibition and a remarkable leather gallery that showcase Hermés products.  Thierry Hermés established his workshop in 1837 at Grand Boulevards quarter of Paris. The store: Hermés, Special Orders Workshop, was launched by his son, Charles-Émile Hermés in 1880.

You will know more about Savoir Faire and to meet exclusive works including the corset (above) and the drummer designed in 1988 (below).

These were designed, most if not all, in the mid 20th-century.

Miniatures which are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes.

‘There’s always a child living in our hearts.’


Source: NY Lin

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