Workshop: Neal’s Yard Remedies

A workshop organized by Neal’s Yard in Singapore at Millenia Walk.

Ms Gloria Yuan, a certified aromatherapist talked about her previous skin problems and on how essential oil helps to fix her sensitive skin. Essential oil helps to regulate the lymphatic drainage, and for a better hormonal balance. 

Photo: Gloria in action 

The list of oils: 

  • A massage base: acts as a carrier for oil mix
  • Rosehip: scars and scratch marks 
  • Neem: insect repellent 
  • Wheatgrass: for extreme dry skin
  • Palmarosa: restore sebum moisture balance and skin renewal; oily and combination skin 
  • Chamomile Roman: best oil for skin inflammation, sore muscles
  • Ravensara: for skin irritant, balances the nervous system, antiseptic 
  • Geranium: to fix any hormonal imbalance; for insomnia 
  • Lavender: calming 
  • Helichrysum: cell renewal and strong healing; one of the main ingredients in l’occitane’s immortelle

I’ve placed Ravensera, Rosehip, Palmarosa. 3:4:3 ra; a total of ten drops and, filled it up to the shoulder of the glass vial with the base oil. 

As Gloria puts it, ‘It takes about seven days for the oil’s fragrance to set. The oils take time to blend.’ 

Trained in British Columbia, Canada. B.Sc in Chemistry. IFA Registered principal teacher and full member. This is Gloria Yuan 原文嘉.  

Special thanks to Neal’s Yard Remedies.
Source: NY Lin

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