Thailand-Singapore Celebrates 50 years of Friendship

SINGAPORE – To celebrate 50 years of friendship Thailand and Singapore, the Royal Thai Embassy (Singapore), Thailand Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand organized a Thai Cultural Evening at the Victoria Theatre, 21st December 2015.

His Excellency Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan attended the event with the Royal Thai family and representatives from the Thai Embassy, and the foreign affairs. According to the spokesperson of the Thai Embassy, costumes were designed and tailored-made in Thailand for the dance performance.

The performance was divided into four parts: Archaeology Dance, The KHON Rama and Thotskan in Combat, Dance of the Four Regions and, the finale Thailand-Singapore relations.


Thai classical dance was brought to the audience by the performers from the Classical Dance Troupe of Thailand. The Thai classic performance moves in variation of 108 basic movements and some strict postures in the dance guidelines; body upright from the neck to the hips, and moving up and down using only the knees and, to the rhythm or beats of the music.


Khon or Thai masked play (Ayudhya period; 1350 to 1767), a Thai drama which combines both gracefulness and masculinity. The performance, generally, includes male humans, female humans, demons and monkeys. The masks are exclusive to the demons and monkeys. The stage performance was accompanied with music from the traditional Thai music instruments.

The performance includes feature episodes from Ramakien, the Thai version of an Indian epic Ramayana, the battles between the good and the evil – Rama (the King) and Thotskan (the King of demons).

Photos credit: Chew Teck Yong
Arranged by The Thai Embassy (Singapore) 

A Take Home gift for the attendees- Stamps from Thailand. 

N.B: The next editorial update will be issued in January 2016. Merry Christmas and a Happy NY. 

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