SINGAPORE, JANUARY 2016 – Peter Kor Atelier is pleased to announce the relaunch of the Peter Kor brand.
Renowned Singapore fashion designer, Peter Kor has revitalised his eponymous label and will also be launching a new luxurious bespoke line, ‘Peter Kor Signature’.

Since 1974, Peter Kor has trail blazed through decades in the fashion business, witnessing the ever-changing face of local fashion, while keeping true to his core identity and design sensibilities.

Supported by a team of craftsmen and guided by the principle to create well-made, elegant and comfortable wear using natural fibres, his designs are contemporary and sophisticated with signature influences from the Orient.

The Peter Kor brand aims to be a key icon in the Asian fashion scene. Women in all walks of life who are breaking barriers, pursuing their passion and defining success on their own terms, inspire it. The brand honours and celebrates these women and intends to offer the fashion they deserve.

The brand begins the new epoch with a renewed sense of purpose. Inspired by the successful women he designs for, the brand is driven by a keen sense of social purpose. The brand will be celebrating women of courage, investing in initiatives that unleash the power of women leaders and being a catalyst to inspire women to pursue their dreams.

Source: Peter Kor & Accesscoms

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