ArtStage ICYMI P1: Toy Soldiers by Joe Black

In case you missed it (ICYMI) P1 of the 2016 ArtStage exhibition in Singapore, this beauty is priced at slightly over a 100,000 USD. The pink version is already sold during the four-day exhibition; not shown in this article. 

Pictures were taken at the ArtStage Exhibition, Singapore Marina Bay Sands (January 2015). Artist: Joe Black; Made in China (Yellow) Hand painted toy soldiers on aluminum 204 x 168 x 100cm. Artwork was presented by the Opera Gallery. 



Editor’s note

More ICYMI of Artstage exhibition and Southeast Asia forum 2016 will be published in this week. Follow us or subscribe to our mailing list for updates. 

Source: NaoRococo (NR)

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