Tomomi Nitta: Infinite set. ArtStage ICYMI P2

img_4513-1Tomomi Nitta, Oil and Crystal power on canvas 183 x 22cm.  Infinite set. 

About the artist

Tomomi Nitta  (新田友美, b.1978) a Japanese artist born in Nara, Japan, graduated with a law degree in 2001 from Kyoto University, and Tama University of the Arts in 2010.  Prior to her education at Tama University of the Arts, Tomomi has also studied art in Corcoran College of Art and Design and at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

Tomomi has been drawing anonymous bodies of women with undefined facial features, and her paintings are represented as the collection ‘infinite set’, regards as infinity. Infinity, originated from the mathematical term as a immense amount of numbers, and hence, the concept of a collection of objects, or a ‘set’.

The artist, Tomomi, has certainly developed her own unique pictorial techniques and approaches to capture human existence, an living element which undergoes constant change while accumulating experiences and memories. Her adventure resonates our philosophical and religious quests in our everyday life.

In Year 2007, Tomomi held her first solo exhibition, ‘Infinite Set I’ at Yuka Tsuruno Gallery. ‘Infinite Set III’ was held as a solo exhibition at Hillyer Art Space, Washington DC.

Tomomi Nitta’s work is represented by the Yuka Tsuruno Gallery.

Editor’s note
This article is part of NR’s In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) 2016 ArtStage Exhibition and Forum held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
The above artwork was already sold at the exhibition.

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Source: NaoRococo and Yuka Tsuruno Gallery

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