Kosei Komatsu: Lifelog Chrysolophus Pictus Head 2.2. ArtStage ICYMI P3

About the artist

Kosei Komatsu a Japanese born artist (b.1981) and a graduate from Tokyo University of Arts (2006). Kosei uses materials from Mother Nature to create his masterpieces. Materials include: light, hair, fabric and feathers. His showcase in this article is part of his recent creation: Evolution of the Birds; Feather, 2014.

Kosei’s work has been exhibited in many Japanese Art Festivals which includes the Gifu Light Festival (2002) and Awards in Spatial Communication; DSA Design Award (2015). His artworks are represented by COHJU Contemporay Art in Kyoto, Japan.




IMG_4628Feather, 2014. 25 x 30 x 35 cm.

Editor’s note
This article is part of NR’s In Case You Missed It (ICYMI) 2016 ArtStage Exhibition and Forum held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.
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Source: NaoRococo

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