Colourful Hippos by ARTHELINE

ARTHELINE, presented by ART PORTERS. These hippos are made in a workshop in Thailand, Bangkok, comprising a team of 30 artists and craftsmen.

Patterns on the sculptured hippos were hand-painted and the hippos were carefully glazed layer after layer, and a minimum of 10 layers. These hippos come in three sizes: small, medium and large. Each size come in a fixed number of quantity; small – 24 hippos; medium – 12 hippos; large – 8 hippos.

The modest artist, Adeline, is born in the Philippines, visit the following URL for more information: Our editor reckon it is a family-orientated artwork and it brings much of a joy. To prove it? At the Affordable Art Fair SG, we have a young art lover.


Source: NaoRococo



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