There shall be STAMPS, DRAMA, POEMS and HAMLET…

April 23rd 2016 – Today, marks the 400th death anniversary of William Shakespeare. To commemorate Shakespeare’s remarkable and unforgettable long-lasting impression of theatre works, Shakespeare Lives – a global campaign is brought to you by The British Embassy and the British Council. This campaign includes collaborative events with public organizations, knowledge-transfer, exhibitions and linguistic works that will bring participants on a time-travel journey to the 16th century, i.e. 1500s in Britain.

As life expectancy was no more than 50 years in the 16th century, do keep in mind that the main casts in William Shakespeare’s theatre works were mostly teenagers. And hence, it is of no surprise given the passion and hunger for love drove a norm to insanity. For more information of the theatre works that will be held in Singapore, refer to SISTIC SG and the Esplanade to reserve your tickets.

For stamps, the collection is priced at SGD $21.80:

Refer to the hashtags for previous posting of Shakespeare Lives 2016 schedule.


Source: NaoRococo



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