Best places to exhibit your artworks

You are an artist, you have some artworks and you are keen to get it out, but where exactly should you exhibit them?

Art journalists and editors are aware of artists’ first option – Galleries. And the answer is Nope. Galleries, sadly, are not able to function with adequate revenue from their current business model. It is not that the business model is no good, but it does not fit the current and future economy (speaking of the next five years).

‘The strong wolf will always have the first bite of the mince pie, and whatever crumbs that are  let behind is either by luck or intelligence to survive and to succeed among the less dominant wolves.’  

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So, what’s the usual procedure towards a lock-down? Some artists prefer to remain its exclusiveness with their representing gallery. Some of their artworks will be represented by the selected gallery for an exclusive private sales. But what happens when artwork is not sold, particularly artworks which were not labelled as ‘exclusive to xxx gallery’?  The inseparable consequence – lock-down of artworks until the gallery is no longer able to justify their running bills. Sales revenue is indeed moving in the reverse direction in many galleries. And it is not because recent artworks are less fascinating or less marvellous, rather it is because art has always been perceived as an luxury investment.

Speak to any millionaire or an investment banker, if they were to spend a couple of hundred of thousands US dollars on an artwork, it would be absolutely illogical and impractical. From the same chunk of cash, the money may be better off to an investment in the stock market or climb up the property ladder. In short, art is very unlikely to be the first priority in an everyday shopping cart.

Most often galleries have a self-contained level of pride, perhaps just a Little.Slightly.Above than your usual and casual fashion shops located downtown.

If your artworks  have not been selected by your preferred representing gallery, there are ways to participate and exhibit your artworks. But pricing will have to start low, do not expect to reap huge profit as seen in the case study of many famous contemporary artists today.

Places to Exhibit

I) Hotels: Oh yes, yes, the fancy president suites. Once a year, in Singapore, Sydney, London, Melbourne and New York, hotels participate in art festival. There are many good enterprise reasonings for hotels to participate, and a fee is collected from each participating exhibitor. The pricing may look like a bomb when you receive your invoice. But, when this pricing is shared between the organizers (with some waivers) and the artists, it is not that costly.

Exhibiting your artworks is excellent option. The artists will have the chance to speak to their potential buyers. A fair chance of direct-marketing. Next, the artworks are displayed in a room.In editorial, it is impossible to re-emphasize the useful means of spatial awareness and  its combination with a product that is to be purchased by a consumer.

II) Participate in an art fair or art parade: It is important to be thick-skinned for this one. It is either to be presented by a gallery and enjoy some of its participating costings which are absorbed by the gallery or to simply ask. Don’t forget to print a few copies of your portfolio for publicity.

III) Libraries: Occasionally, libraries are in desperate need to fill up the space at their lobby. The reception area or entrance is empty. If your artwork incorporates current affairs of politics and culture, you will find a suitable spot at the library.

IV) Toilets: It is remarkable that the theme of an artwork can find its match with the venue. Exhibited in the form of different medium, messages on climate change, water wastage, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and protective sex, and right down to the design of the toilet bowl, have been exhibited in the business world.

Have a better idea of where to exhibit artworks? Share it with us, leave a comment.

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