How to Amplify Art?

Ask well. At NaoRococo, the editorial had brought together artworks in various medium-type which might not have been within your general scope concerning the field of ‘Art’. Believe it or not, humans in developed countries are producing way too much information and products that they can consume in their lifetime. In media and business intelligence, information are repeatedly presented N-times in different channels in the same language, same country, same social media, and they are all down to the fear that the audience may be demented.

There are several ways to amplify art and ideas – to be unique, but it shouldn’t be too far-fetch from current trends. There must be at least some relevance to the present commercial industries and economy. If there’s a brilliant idea and you don’t see it, please do not sue your optometrist. It is a simple call for a more diverse group of friends and colleagues. A natural remedy for such short-sightedness.

Art is always, always about the medium used; the space, paper-print material, resin or no resin, glitters and no glitters. Dimensions – go big, or go home… or make miniature sculptures, and post it on Instagram.

Interdisciplinary works: The American Society for Microbiology organizes an annual agar art competition. Here are some agar artworks created by scientists in the microbiology laboratories.

agar-art-contest-8[2]For the portrait of Louis Pasteur, a French chemist and microbiologist, the artists used Chromobacterium violaceum on Muller Hinton agar.

waterlotus ASM.png

Generate a theme that contain an underlying message of politics, it could be a political figure, an event, or a famous celebrity that had passed. e.g. Amy Winehouse (shown below, presented by RedSea Gallery).

Amy Winehouse_130x130

BrExit, anyone?

Source: NaoRococo






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