What is Art?

Depends on who you speak to.

Art is in itself an interdisciplinary work. It is a form of communication. If linguistics is not a discipline of Arts, one is then be safe to assume that art paintings discovered on the rocks and in the caves are the earliest form of communication. Music came into existence when monks and nuns were making chants about the greatness of the spirits in the world, which occurred centuries before everyone began to debate and fight over who is our ‘best-imaginary’ friend.

Art is as simple and as complex as it gets – Communication. As art has always been a tool in communication, if you are a good performer, you have to be good in arts. And that includes delivering good business and academic presentations. A well-presented art leaves long-lasting impression.

In our modern world,  communication across the globe is already a simple task. We need better tools to express art and for many good reasons, everyone likes to be remembered which illustrates to create impressive art.

The use of colours and typography (bold and italics) create a virtual impression and sometimes a sense of humour to readers. In this world, a world which is created based on irony and controversial assumptions that we often accept things as what they are, has created an unusual production of artworks and acceptance biases that a piece of artwork does not require much effort to be categorized as impressive art.

Things that you least expect to be present in a space or room are therefore considered as art. Because it is not normal for it to be there. A rather straightforward communication tool, ‘ Oh hey, what are you doing here?’

Typography IS PERHAPS THE BEST EXAMPLE TO ILLUSTRATE THE FUSION AND DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LINGUISTICS AND ART. I might have very well annoyed you with the capital-locks, but it.is.an.expression. And I continued to annoy you with the full -stops. Here comes the question, ‘what is it that best illustrate the fusion and difference between linguistics and art?’

A normal individual will return to the beginning of the paragraph to recall; Typography. Typography has the ability to create the illusion and to emphasize statements and words.

If anyone were to speak that Art is a softer discipline than Science, it is not wrong but it is not 100% correct either. There are errors in scientific reports too. And of course, there were some ridiculous artworks that made it to the museums because it was created by some renowned person in a particular field whom may not be in the art industry at all.

At the end of the day, we are all the same. If you are not able to leave an impression, it doesn’t matter how hard your discipline is. And don’t forget, Science can make Art more impressive, and Art can help in the education of Science.

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