Infograph and The Social Experiment

The Publishing Game, You Game?

Most marketers and public relations managers have no time to consider the options of where to release the news and on how many days the campaign has to run prior to the start of the event or for the launch of a product.

Digital publishing, similar to print but not the same, has shown to be quite a useful platform for advertising. Facebook, Instagram and Google for example are considered fundamentals in brand advertising.

We did a social experiment, for approximately six-month, with very minimal use of digital social networks to see if publishing and branding can be brought across through word-of-mouth and other forms of media intelligence. We made no payment for adverts or the booster shots as sponsored adverts on social media and webpages. The experiment was mainly held in Singapore, and it is an island whereby population density is exceptionally high in comparison to other countries such as Australia. And we have showed that it is possible, but to increase the circulation going digital social seems to be the way to go.

And because of this experiment it did not take us too long to recognize that 90% of marketers in operations and sales were seeking for media partnerships; i.e. shake some hands, exchange contacts, attend the event, and that is the token of appreciation as the media partner. It is exceptionally baffling on how and why in this world, this trend came about to be norm for many news publishers and bloggers. It is happening in all types of news, and quite possibly in most countries.

At The Waterhouse and NaoRococo, we are highly aware of the pricing of most print publishers and digital publishers’ advertorial pricing (including bloggers). We do not like to boycott public relations managers who are representing corporates, mainly because that would be to boycott our founder as well, and because few corporates have an in-house public relations personnel or team who is capable to ensure the publication of corporate news and events.

Therefore, we have relisted an update using infograph for media advertorial

infograph editorial media-page001

For featured writings, please schedule an-hour appointment. Only NaoRococo editorial featured delegates invitations are waived.

If you would like to disseminate our paid advertorial written news, simply acknowledge NaoRococco, The Waterhouse at the end of your news posting.

-NaoRococo editorial

Editorial notes:
*The infograph was designed using Scribus, an open-source software and it is relatively easy to layout the written text and to design some diagrams.

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