Shamelessly be prepared for May

The Bridal Project Design was quite a work, and it is very unlikely Lin will be working again on makeover commercial design project anytime soon. However, we will be working on some small types of DIY (Do-it-yourself) designs and will showcase the many ways to pick designs that are suitable for your lifestyle.

NaoRococo has gone this far and will continue to up-date the website because we believe we have good sources, and had remained very objective about works which we consider that are of importance and can make a difference to our lifestyles.

As similar to our editorial board members, our readers originate from and reside in many parts of the World. Architecture, Art and Design are very much influenced by culture and climate. At NaoRococo, we will try to integrate these elements in choosing what is the most suitable and budget-friendly design, and to not compensate for the lack of design and comfort living.

-NaoRococo editorial.

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