Affordable Art SG 2017

Most of us are aware of pseudo-artworks or triple A-grade artworks on the market, and sometimes items from these markets are purchased for casual display or interior works. Although consumers’ choice to purchasing pirated artworks are not within the creators’ control, it is essential to highlight that there are major differences between the real and the fake.

Original artworks can be very expensive as limited editions or prints control the scale of the market’s supply and demand. Perhaps this is one of the reasons AffordableArtFair exists, and there are new galleries participating each year. To purchase affordable original artwork and be happy!

Now that we all know that rubbish goes to adverts and important stuff goes to artworks, please learn to bin your rubbish adequately. Otherwise, dope can be simply purchased from non- regulated internet platforms. Art is the least regulated subject, and it makes it very difficult for insurance companies to price a risk on every item to be shipped and sold. (<—That’s where I tend to step in) Maybe, maybe I should thank the existence of piracy.

This year there are 69 participating art galleries at the Affordable Art F1 pit building, Singapore. Public view starts from Friday (17th Nov) and runs through this weekend. Tickets can be purchased at the doorstep. Most presented artworks are priced below $10,000 SGD.

Here are my shortlisted artworks at the AffordableArt, F1 Pit.

Artist: Iskandar Walen. Ziggy goes to Italy (bolt), 2017. Material: Resin and Gypsum Filter; Paint: Acrylic. 
Exceptionally uncanny and witty. The Bolt tattoo on David Bowie’s forehead.


Artist: Ryan Callanan , 2016, Zen Trooper (Large).  Material: Copper patina fiberglass. 
I AM YOUR FATHER!  Based on my experience,  most artists are very quiet and peaceful birds. It is not unusual for them to have two or three representing galleries as it helps to boost sales, so if you are buyer you just got to make sure that artworks like this one, Zen Trooper is purchased from an authentic gallery or art dealer.


Artist: David Hinchliffe, The Kiss| Acrylic and Oil on canvas 122×183 cm

I’m singing in the rain…. Da dam da dam…. It’s just a kiss in the rain. NYC? The Kiss is quite a massive sized artwork and it suits well in the living room.


Artist: Barn Mi-Ryung. Encounter, 2017|Acrylic on canvas 73x91cm . 
There are various artworks by Barn Mi-Ryung at the presentation, and I would recommend this piece. Barn has incorporated a unique technique to produce a sand surface on her acrylic paintings. Encounter piece looks light-in-weight and it carries a docile appearance.


Brett LethBridge: Knot in the sky| Acrylic on Canvas.
I can’t put myself together about this art presentation. The stylus reminds me very much of Marvel superheroes’ capes and yet it looks very romantic.


Kwanwoo Lee, Condensation (2017) 74x62cm| Mixed Media.

Seal. Asian style imprints . The face of Lennon’s , anyone?


Artist: Sabrina Ferrari. Material :Bronze.

Artist: Batman Mahipal. Mahatma Ghandi- The Salt March. Material: Wood.


Artist: Wenas Heriyanto. Taking in Charge, 145x120cm|Acrylic on canvas


Seung Eun Lee; various themes |Ink on Korean paper (2017).
Recommendation to buy: Solitude (2017), 50x73cm. Top right.



Ki-Hoon Park, Coexistance (2017) 45x53cm.
Recommendation to buy: The Pink Zebra

A very unique technique by Mr Park. Layers of acrylic paint were poured onto the canvas and let dry.  Using a tiny chisel, Park controlled the depth of impression on the canvas to create his masterpieces.


Artist: Florent Touchot. Lucky (2017) 130×89 cm | Collages on canvas, printed perspex bolted on top. 



Artist: Thierry Bisch, Pop prints. Size: Various. 


Artist: Andre Tan, Her Mess #08 (2017)| Acrylic on canvas 122x122cm.
While I typed the last entry for recommendations to buy at this Affordable ArtFair, this artist has mastered the art of Puns. It is original and cute.



Credit and written by: Yuhui Lin

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