Art for Art-Trade. One Terminal.

Hello there,

Nao&WGallery has moved out of Shopify. It was a huge dilemma for us to choose to either remain our relationship with Shopify or to move all art-related items to one terminal outlet. Before the end of year 2017, a review has to be called for. It is a transition and to raise the issue that having public trades seem to be a rough track for us. And we do not know why.  To top if off, the founder and the correspondents do not avoid the VAT/ Tax man.

Natasha Lien’s artworks are still available for purchase. Though a portion of her artworks have already been acquired by museums (one of which in Jordan).

Prachi Bhatnager’s and Ong Hwee Yen’s works are also listed below.

To express an interest, leave a comment below with your contact info or contact NaoRococo email for the price list. For auction regarding artworks, antiques and banknotes, we hope you understand there is an agreed courteous fee at each hammered price. If you are an active gallery and would like to express an interest on acquisition, write in to the NR.

Many thanks for supporting NaoRococo and Nao & WGallery. It has been quite a ride from a fresh blog with zero content to a site that feeds some awareness on how this cultural business works. If you would like what you see do keep an eye on our instagram @naogallery6887 .

Enjoy this festive season. ❤

A) Lien’s artworks 2016. Oil on Canvas and Etching; Jordan and Spain

B) Prachi’s artworks 2016. Prints; United Kingdom.

C) Yen’s artworks 2016. Acrylic; Expressionism.


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