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journey into the wistful and wishful world between dreams and memories…
DREAMembrance presents the collective works of three artists as they explore the interplay between dreams and memories, creating a rich and colorful realm that bridges the past with the present, realities with aspirations. The artworks depict the artists’ emotive connections to places, people, objects, and experiences that transport the viewer to a deeply intimate space.
Ong Hwee Yen offers a fresh take on local landmark scenes through a series of forget-me-not art vignettes of the place she grew up and dreamt in. Chris Lim’s paintings are a mix of reminiscences of landscapes, cityscapes, animals, and still life objects, conjuring a dream-like effect that evokes mystery, disorientation, and nostalgia. Using a semi-abstract approach, Arlyn de Jesus creates a series of social commentaries through whimsical mindscapes about living in a hyper-connected world.
Dates: 3 – 5 August 2018
Time:11am-5pm (Fri) ; 11am-9pm (Sat) ; 11am-5pm (Sun)
Location:  That Spare Room @ The Fabulous Baker Boy, 70 River Valley Road #01-15, Singapore 179037 (fort canning mrt)
Price:  Free
That Spare Room - Google MapDREAMembrance-Poster (1)DREAMembrance-Poster header

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