MUJI : New Furniture Series

MUJI – the super minimalism lifestyle company has just launched its latest furniture series in ASEAN region. Singapore has the largest and complete collection of the latest series. The furnitures are made from sustainable rubberwood. Similar to oak, rubberwood is resistant to bacteria and mold.

The launch of this product series marks the first time MUJI’s headquarters has authorised ASEAN markets to independently develop products. Allowing subsidiary companies to customize the design and manufacture products tailored to the culture and preferences of each market.

Mr Katsushi Onishi, Managing Director, MUJI Singapore shares that “MUJI is strongly committed to providing our customers with a vast and versatile range of environmentally-friendly lifestyle products. They are functional daily necessities that support everyday life. Our purpose is to deliver comfort and practicality, where our products are known for being ‘just right’.”

The Source
The rubberwood used for this series is derived from rubber trees grown in Southeast Asia. By using an agricultural byproduct of the rubber industry, not only it reduces deforestation solely for furniture, but also its abundance enables MUJI to keep agricultural costs lower while retaining its quality standards.

Mr Yoshihisa Matsunaga, Merchandising Manager, MUJI Singapore says: “At MUJI, we prioritise sustainability by sourcing local materials, like the rubberwood in our Southeast Asian-grown rubber trees, for our production. We stay true to our commitment to deliver an exceptional customer experience with every product.”

“This collection is part of a “think local, act local” move where ASEAN committees make ASEAN-centric products – and how we bring the best fit to respective local lifestyles and cater to local needs. At the same time, by sourcing from the rubber industry in the region, we focus on supporting the local businesses and farmers that make our collection possible.”

Known for its timeless strength and durability, rubberwood is a tropical hardwood timber with many outstanding features. It is sustainable and cost-effective, making it an excellent material choice for furniture.

2023 MUJI Singapore

Visit MUJI Singapore’s 11th store at 100AM mall (Central Business District, West End) this coming April 2023. A new store with Café&Meal concept to be brought closer to office workers and residents at the CBD.

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