International Tour-ing Exhibitions to not be missed in 2023

If you have missed them in your country, here’s a chance to catch them again in 2023 !

Van Gogh Exhibition – The Digital Experience

The genius who drank the green fairy, went mad, and cut off one of his ears or ear lobes. There hadn’t been a verification on whether it was the entire ear or the ear lobe was gone. If you hadn’t visited the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam nor seen Van Gogh’s infamous sunflower painting at the National Gallery in London, his artworks have now been digitalized to awake the five senses.

Self portrait of Vincent van Gogh or Theo van Gogh. Picture by Van Gogh Museum.

What you might not know about Vincent van Gogh.

Aside from his total madness for art, Vincent van Gogh was known for his layers of short brush strokes. Most people would agree that a touch of insanity in logical thinking creates a long-lasting product. Vincent van Gogh died at the age of 37 which was approximately the life expectancy in Europe during the mid and late 1800s. Hence, van Gogh didn’t die at a young age. And over a timespan of ten years, he had produced more than 2000 artworks.

A quick calculation on the average production:
one year = 365.25 days (feb 29th every four years)
assumed total artworks produced = 2000
timespan=10 years

2000 / 365.25 * 10 = 0.55 painting completed per day.

For reference, as a person who has done some oil paintings, it takes about one week to finish a painting that is similar to the size of the sunflower canvas. It is relatively important to wait for each layer to dry before putting on the next layer. This is to prevent cracks from uneven drying. Van Gogh had probably painted multiple canvases and boards all at once.

Otherwise, Van Gogh’s green fairy must have had been useful.

Some of Van Gogh’s artworks have been acquired by private collectors, and a handful have been hidden away in shipping containers. Though the authenticity of such collections are usually placed in doubt, fear not!

You can now get into Van Gogh paintings! AR and VR have brought digital experience much closer to the future.

Try to get hold of your tickets for the exhibition at .
For pictures related to the exhibition:

N.B. we might feed in more details of the exhibition as the date gets closer.

Museum of the Moon

An inflatable art installation created by Luke Jerram in 2016. The artwork has been co-commissioned by organisers in various art festivals. Check on the tour dates to learn more about the upcoming exhibition sites

If you are fascinated about the white pancake that shines when the sky turns dark, visit Museum of the Moon for it would be a good chance to be standing close to it.

Bristol Cathedral (2021). Picture by Bob Pitchford.

Bangalore, India (2018). Picture by Satya Nayak, British Council.

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