Voilah! 2016 Photo Exhibitions, Singapore



Transboundary Rivers Exhibition

Water is a precious resource and its value will constantly increase as time passes. Unfortunately, many of the rivers in the world face daunting challenges and countries are fighting over water-rich territories. Most conflicts and water issues involve Transboundary Rivers. In an effort to increase awareness of these global water issues, photographer Franck Vogel has created a multi-faceted photography project focusing on seven major rivers, each with its own specific set of problems. He started investigating on the Nile and its controversial Millennium Dam project in 2012. He then continued with features on the Brahmaputra in 2013, followed by the Colorado and the Jordan in 2015. The next expeditions will take place on the Mekong, the Amazon and the Ganges. For this exhibition, Franck Vogel will present 60 photos of Transboundary rivers – The Brahmaputra, The Colorado and The Nile. He will also be giving a conference on Transboundary Rivers on 16 April 2016 at 3.30pm, at Gardens by the Bay. Photo credits: The Brahmaputra ©Franck Vogel.


Yves Saint-Laurent “Birth of a Legend” Photo Exhibition

Alliance française Gallery Alliance française de Singapour is delighted to welcome the South East Asia travelling exhibition Yves Saint Laurent, Birth of a Legend in association with Institut Francais de Singapour and Association Pierre et Alexandra Boulat. The exhibition feature 49 photographs by Pierre Boulat about the creative work, anxiety and happiness of Yves Saint Laurent at work and in the relationship with his intimates during the preparation of his first collection in 1962. Photo credits: ©PierreBOULAT, Cosmos.


UrbanFolkUrban Fork Exhibition

Urban Fork echoes the quote by Michel Serres: “The change of meaning, even minimal, is creating meaning… and if there were no forking, there would be no meaning … “. Following an original work on the Peripheric Boulevard in Paris, Philippe Diversy, in collaboration with photographer Bob Lee (李欣赏), now focuses on the buildings that were built in Singapore back in the 60’s to highlight the architectural heritage. Photo credits: PhilippeDIVERSY and BobLEE, People’s Park Complex in Singapore.


Mariaud“I TRY SO HARD” Photographs
Corinne Mariaud is a French photographer born in 1964. For her very first show in Singapore, Mariaud has decided to present images from her photographic series I Try So Hard, Trophies and Climax, which question the image and place of woman and its representation in contemporary society, the diktat of appearance and the cliché about femininity and masculinity. Photo credits : @CorinneMARIAUD.