The Woo Building 

Royal College of Art (RCA)- Across the new Battersea campus, the designs of the new buildings incorporate an industrial feel. Steel, concrete and glass exteriors surround spacious interiors filled with natural light, creating inspiring environments in which to work, develop skills and collaborate. 
The four-storey 2,752sqm Woo Building, named in honour of Sir Po-Shing aand Lady Helen Woo, is the final phase of the RCA’s current Battersea development, adding 9 per cent to the overall estate. External construction finished in Spring 2015 and the interior is due for completion later in the year.

Staff and students will begin using the space in the 2015/16 academic year. With workshop and studio accommodation for over 100 students, this marks a significant expansion of the Ceramics & Glass and Jewellery & Metal programmes when compared to their current Kensington home.

These programmes are leaders in research and practice. The new building will ensure the College continues to lead in the quality of its facilities, as well as in student experience. Applied art workshops will also be available to students from all subjects, facilitating collaboration right across the RCA.

Source & Writer: RCA

Photographer: Richard Haughton

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