A Headstart to Singapore’s Art Week. Film Screening: Sign Painters 


14th January 2016- Design appreciation event organized by the Design Council at the National Design Centre, Singapore. The film, Sign Painters (2013) is based on a longstanding artisanal trade and tradition in the United States, sign paintings.

‘I always tell them (the customers) that what you get out from these plates will be way more than what I do,’ said one of the sign painters who was featured in the film. Costings for each painting varies according to the size of the artwork and the number of hours required. 

Watch the film to learn more about the artisanal trade. A trade which is going through competitions in both pre- and post- digital industries.  

A pre-screening talk was presented by Mark De Winne; guest speaker gave a brief introduction of sign paintings and hand-drawn boards in Singapore.

Images: Courtesy of Sign Painters (2013)

Special thanks to Design Council Singapore, ShopHouse and Co, Relay. 

Source: NR

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