PreSchool: Setting up your art painting business

If you are keen to enter the art painting business, there are different ways to go about making that difference to creating the final artwork and to mark that final selling price of your masterpiece.

But before the selling, you will need some artworks to justify your talent. There are a few ways to learn and to create those artworks:

i) Learn everything and anything from the digital network: If you are a book person, e-books are available at Amazon and at established bookstores such as Kinokuniya, MPH, Blackwell, etc; from brush strokes to the types of colours and, choice of medium and paper for your drawings.

There are also e-tutorials on youtube, but if you are more of a systematic approach student, Skillshare, a knowledge-transfer website may be an option. Skillshare (url: is a knowledge-transfer platform where teachers and students each register for an account.  Registration for an account is free, and a small fee is required to attend the e-tutorials. The main advantage: students will not have to travel from their home to another side of the world, and teachers are able to reach out to more students. A win-win situation for both students and teachers.

ii) Sign-up for part-time or attend evening courses: This is a straightforward process. Art schools are usually open to the concept of extra revenue. Most schools provide evening courses and with the current digital network promotions are often available for first-timers.

iii) Building up on previous experiences: Sketches and Calligraphy are the fundamentals of paintings and art sculptures. A good warmup will be a technique known as Child Art, imitate an artist or ‘copy’ what you see in prints followed by a move towards life drawings, also known as figure drawings.

There is no best drawing or the best painter in the world. If someone appreciates it and sees the value of it, your paintings will certainly make its way to the top-notch.

There’s always a market for Child Art (造画), but it is a very saturated market. A saturated market requires a strong emphasis in the details for that X-Factor. The impression for such artists may not be long-lasting. Because what art appreciators and buyers most often seek for is the unique voice of the artwork and the artist.

iv) The non-traditional approach: Photoshop and digital editing tools to reconstruct your photos just a bit more bold than Antoni Gaudí. Victor Enrich is a prime example:

View edited images  by Victor Enrich, a digital reshape master. His artworks are available for purchase; view and shop at url: Victor also has a Facebook page and his work has been featured at Archdaily.

Written by: NY Lin

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