ArtStage: Southeast Asia Forum 21st to 24 January 2016

21st January 2016-  The Art Stage week opening speech was made by the Founder and President of Art Stage Singapore, Lorenzo Rudolf.

The event comprises of two pillars: the South East Asia Forum where informal debate about various themes concerning Contemporary Arts in Asia, and the exhibition at the Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre which includes >100 galleries from different continents. The showcase of the artworks from 19 artists originating from Southeast Asia can also be seen at the entrance of the Expo & Convention Centre at Marina Bay Sands.

‘Cities are houses for creativity and for urban sustainability,’ said Lorenzo Rudolf who also recognizes the need to bridge content and commercial parts of contemporary arts. According to Lorenzo, the future of cities is urbanization and, the use of urban spaces and to integrate sustainability into cosmopolitan lifestyle.

Lorenzo further illustrated that the way of living among cities is becoming less different. But, what will be the future of art and art culture? What shall be the image of Art to be brought forward by museums and art institutions? Is it possible to shape global citizens with contemporary art? What is a global citizen?

Meet the thinkers and curators at this forum and exhibition. Video clips of the forum discussion will also be uploaded and updated on ArtStage website. Event ends on the 24th January 2016.

Featured cover image: Stefano Bombardieri, Italy  – Il Peso Del tempo sospeso – Rhino (2002) Bronze. Dim.350 x 400 x 150 cm.
Image: Mr Lorenzo Rudolf, Founder and President of Art Stage Singapore

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