Yavuz Gallery: 13 artists from Australia and New Zealand

Antipodean inquiry: An exhibition of work by Australian and New Zealand Artists

Curated by Owen Craven, Urban Art Projects (UAP)
Last day of exhibition March 5th, 2016
9 Lock Road, #02-23 Singapore 108937
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11am to 7pm; Sunday 1pm to 5pm

Antipodean Inquiry presents work in a variety of media. Sculptor Penny Byrne presents a politically poignant ceramic work Weapons of Mass Destruction. Photographs by Tamara Dean and Daniel Shipp explore our connection to the natural world. Works on paper feature by Steve Lopes and Joan Ross alongside paintings by Lucas Grogan, Andre Hemer, Anna Kristensen, and Euan Macleod.

David Noonan works with silkscreen linen collages in which the figurative is superimposed with the abstract to investigate formal qualities of graphic and textual elements of the picture plane; Danie Mellor reflects on the migration and similarities of plant species within tropical environs, and how people and culture also move and respond to environments; Brook Andrew continues his action of twisting historical perception and visual immersion and recalls the debates about imperial conquest through photography; Joan Ross engages humour in her new media video works about colonial history; and Lindy Lee’s personal works on sheet metal give insight to the complexity of Australian multiculturalism, while her flung bronze spherical artwork employs chance and spontaneity as a meditation on nature and life.

Andre Hemer Big Node #27, acrylic and pigment on canvas. 120 x 90cm. IMG_4534 (1)

Tamara Dean, Emerge, 2015, photograph on archival fibre based on cotton rag, 150 x 150cm; Courtesy image: Yavuz Gallery

Source: NaoRococo & Yavuz Gallery

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