Valentine’s day 14Feb: Travel, GimBall, and Ladies’ Best Friend

It is the time of the year again, the date when roses are at the highest demand, and when demand is high, the price goes up. If you have a little more to spend for your ladies or blokes, or partner, here is a list of gift ideas for your kind consideration. To justify the amount of romance that may be occurring on February 14th, the editor has decided to label each gift idea with the Roman numbering system (I, II, III, IV).

I) Larry Jewelry: Along with red roses, surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day with 2016 RollerGlam Series from Lazare Diamonds®. The design of the featured earrings is suitable for all occasions.

Price: $9,700 or USD $6813
18K (750) White Gold

2 Lazare Round Brilliant Diamond 0.86ct



II) Atlantis Zurich: Price starts at $591 per night; subjected to CHF2.5 City tax. 

Prefer some snow in the City and to visit the Swiss Alps? Have a go with the Hotel Atlantis by Giardino for a night or two.


Swiss Alps and Michelin
Gourmands will certainly get their money’s worth at the fine dining restaurant, Ecco Zurich, which has internationally acclaimed Chef Rolf Fliegauf at the helm. Formerly head chef at two-Michelin-starred restaurants (Ecco St. Moritz and Ecco Ascona at the Giardino Hotels in the Swiss Alps), Fliegauf has ensured that the name Ecco is synonymous with fine dining of the highest order. Joining Chef Fliegauf in Zurich is his long-time Sous Chef, Stefan Heilemann.

The Height of Relaxation
The hotel’s spa dipiù (Italian for more) prides itself on offering “more”, in the truest sense of the word. Inge Moore once again looked to the surrounding Swiss landscape to shape the interiors of the 1500-square-meter spa, where the use of natural stone gives the space the appearance of being carved out of the mountain itself. Gently undulating walls and layered stone create a polished serenity. The spa features saunas and a steam room, a spa suite with hot tub, a fitness center with Technogym equipment, a yoga and pilates studio, and hair salon and barber shop. The crowning glory is the indoor pool with Jacuzzi and the 25-meter-long outdoor pool, complete with pool bar for the warm summer days in the mountains. An extensive massage and beauty treatment menu offers the hotel’s signature skin-care range dipiù cosmetics, Aveda and QMS.


III) Pack bikinis and all the swimming whatever for the sun and sea. If skis or snow is not what you and your partner are in favor of, there’s always South-East Asia. Khao Lak – an excellent choice for beach holiday and perhaps to check-in to Casa de la Flora, a hotel located on the shore of Andaman Sea. This hotel has won awards from the Traveler’s Choice 2013 and Asia Pacific Hotel Awards 2013.

Casa de la Flora


IV) Pay it Forward with Gimball by Flyability, The drone which is shaped-like a football is clever enough to maneuver in enclosed space, opened-space concept, and most certainly, to fly within a reasonable altitude. Gimball is speculated for consumer purchase in September 2016. Price is at USD$25,000. 

Have some good faith and trust in the editorial or at least the researchers from École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) that Gimball has already travelled to places where you and your best travel buddies have never been. It is also a rescue-drone, not to save the drone but to save lives when disaster strikes.

Flyability, a Swiss company founded in 2015 is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. It is a spin-off company from EPFL and the Laboratory of Intelligent Systems. There are 11 full-time employees, and the team is building a smaller-scale drone which is expected to be tagged with a friendly price for non-commercial consumers.














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Larry Jewelry:

Source: NaoRococo (NR)


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