In-Sync with Valentine’s Xooang Choi 

Artist: Xooang Choi, Korean born artist founded his studio (Xooang Choi Studio) in 2012.

The sculptor, Xooang Choi, creation is a hyper-realistic two human-figures-hugging-each-other in such an incredible way that pink clouds emerged from their skulls. The artwork is so well-done that the editorial board is considering to file for an age-limit on our readership.

Xooang Choi’s artwork was presented by Edwin’s Gallery at the 2016 ArtStage Exhibition, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.


This is part of the In-Case-You-Missed It (ICMYI) series of 2016 ArtStage Exhibition; ArtStage ICYMI P5.

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Source: NaoRococo

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