Shanghai: Champagne-bubbles, Bullet-holes

Located along Jian Guo West Road in Shanghai, this building is known for its bullet-holes appearance among the white collar workers. The building is covered with different sized circles on its four sides. If you were to focus on the different sized circles on the window panels, it creates the impression of bubbles in Champagne. And if you were to take a step back and have a look at the complete structure, it resembles gun-shot wounds on a building.

We are not quite sure if the artists were to create the former or latter impression, but it is certainly an unusual landmark in Shanghai.

Address: 徐汇区建国西路 Jian Guo Xi Lu Xuhui Qu, Shanghai Shi, China  Click on hyperlink for Google map. 


Source: Image by Anonymous; Editorial 66wz, China
Editor: Li Si Si 编辑: 李思思
Senior Editor: Huang Zuo Min 责任编辑: 黄作敏

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