Calling for Nominations: President’s Design Award 2016

Nominations for President’s Design Award 2016 Now Open

SINGAPORE, 4 April 2016 – The President’s Design Award 2016 is now open for nominations until Monday, 18 April 2016, 11pm.  The President’s Design Award is Singapore’s most prestigious award accorded to designers and design projects or products, in recognition of their design excellence.  Into its 11th year, the President’s Design Award has honoured 36 designers and 89 designs across all design disciplines, including advertising design, visual communications, architecture, urban design, fashion design, furniture design, interior design, landscape design, product and industrial design.

Members of the public are invited to nominate the designers and design projects that they think have made significant accomplishments or pushed new frontiers in Singapore’s design landscape.  The award will be given out in two categories – ‘Designer of the Year’ and ‘Design of the Year’.

Nominations may be submitted online at For further information on the award, please visit the President’s Design Award website listed above or contact Mr Ben Tan at email:

Nomination Details

Name of the Award : President’s Design Award 2016
Award categories : Designer of the Year

Design of the Year

Submission process : Submission of nominations and citations can be submitted online at
Closing date and time : 18 April 2016, Monday, 11pm (Singapore time)

The public is also invited to view the President’s Design Award 2006 – 2015 * A Decade of Design Excellence exhibition, a special 10th anniversary edition, and be inspired by the success stories of these outstanding designers. The exhibition is currently held at the National Design Centre.

Venue: National Design Centre, Level 1, Atrium

111 Middle Road

Date: Until 8 April 2016
Opening Hours: 9.00am – 9.00pm daily
Venue: The URA Centre, Atrium

45 Maxwell Road

Date: 16 April – 27 May 2016
Opening Hours: 8.30am – 7.00pm (Mon-Fri)

8.30am – 5.00pm (Sat)

The President’s Design Award is administered by the DesignSingapore Council of the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Urban Redevelopment Authority.

About the President’s Design Award
The President’s Design Award is Singapore’s highest honour accorded to designers and designs from all design disciplines.  It recognises the significant contributions and achievements of an extraordinary group of people who are making a difference to the lives of Singaporeans and to the lives of the larger global community.  The recipients are the standard bearers for design excellence, models for future generations of designers to match and exceed.  As these standards permeate into the consciousness of society, they bring about a greater general awareness and appreciation of quality design.

The Designer of the Year award category recognises designers or design teams for their creativity and achievements in any design discipline, demonstrated by a sustained body or portfolio of works.

The Design of the Year award category recognises the national significance and creative value to Singapore of projects or products in any design discipline.

A total of 36 Designers of the Year and 89 Designs of the Year have been conferred the award from 2006 – 2015.

More information about the President’s Design Award is available at

Source: Issued By
DesignSingapore Council,
Ministry of Communications and Information, and 
Urban Redevelopment Authority

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