Reframing Modernism


National Gallery Singapore opens Groundbreaking International Co-Curated Exhibition with Centre Pompidou, Paris

Reframing Modernism is now ready for visitors to appreciate modern art paintings. The exhibition is co-curated and co-presented with Centre Pompidou, Paris. 

Artworks are presented via the history and the bodies of the work. Reframing Modernism is showcased in the Singtel Special Exhibtion Gallery; level 3 at the National Gallery Singapore. There are a total of three exhibitions. Art lovers are encouraged to draw their own connections and conclusions about the history of the modernism artworks and artists, and its relevance to the development of art in Southeast Asia. 

The unprecedented presentation include works by Southeast Asia artists such as Le Pho (Vietnam), Nguyen Gia Tri (Vietnam), S Sudjojono (Indonesia), etc. 

Along with Southeast Asia artists, European masters Wassily Kandinsky (Russian-French), Pablo Picasso (Spanish), Henri Matisse (French), Fernand  Léger (French), Marc Chagall (Russian-French), Jean Dubuffet (French) works are presented in the three exhibitions.

  • Ticket: SGD 15 (Singaporean); SGD 25 (non-Singaporean)
  • Exhibtion: March 31st – July 17th, 2016
  • Time: 10am to 7pm, Monday to Thursday, Sunday and public holidays; 10am to 10pm, Friday and Saturday

Editor’s note: Art lovers or visitors will notice the differences among artists’ preference for ‘weight’ the brush strokes of their paintings. It could have been influenced by their cultural differences or political revolution during their era.

A selection of the works:

Artist: Fujita Tsuguhara known as Léonard Tsuguhara, In the Café, in 1949

Artist: Fujita Tsuguhara known as Léonard Tsuguhara, Le Quai aux Fleurs, Notre-Dame, in 1950
Artist: Hernando Ocampo, Beefsteak, 1953
Artist: Jean Hélion, Seated Man, 1947
Artist: Sompot Upa-In, Two sisters, 1961
Artist: Henry Valensi, Green Symphony, 1935

Artist: Pablo Picasso, a cat and a rooster, 1938- 1939

Source: NaoRococo

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