Les Luminéoles: The Helium Light Kites

Les Luminéoles, created by Christophe Martine will be showcased during the opening week of Voilah! 2016, Singapore. From the evening of April 14 2016, the famous helium light kites will be dancing in the wind at Gardens by the Bay.

Christope Martine’s Le Bal des Luminéoles project carry a part of his life-passion for paragliding. Martine, a former paraglider instructor had a witty thought to combine kites and dance. The idea and creation for the combination to be dreamlike and poetic illustrated in the air made sense to him while he was on his travel trip to attend the Lyon Festival of Lights. 

The general process is to create magic the ‘Luminéoles’ are helium light kites that fly up to 30-40 meters high and enhance the intangible element that is air. They take shape before our eyes with lightness and elegance in an abstract way – leaving room for one’s imagination.

There will be brightly illuminated flowers on the ground from which the Lumineole’s poetic dreams get their energy. They will fly up to the sky in a light and beautiful ballet to express their bright illuminated and coloured dresses.

Les Luminéoles, originally commissioned for Lyon Festival of Lights, a prestigious annual event in east-central France. The art installation will harness wind and light to transform public spaces and lead spectators into a wonderland.  Luminéoles Ballet will bring a special dreamlike dimension to the Supertree during the Garden Rhapsody at Gardens by the Bay.

How did Martine become successful with Luminéoles?

Paris wasn’t built in a day… Christophe Martine was already creating kites but to add a magical visual effect at night he decided to illuminate his kites to form the « Luminéoles ». A bit of magic does work. 

Courtesy images from Porté par Le Vent at the Lyon Light Festival. 

Source: Tate Anzur and NaoRococo

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