Mothers’ Day Gift Recommendations


‘To my very Dear Mother…. …. …. ‘

If you are a child with few words, a card in this article’s featured image may come in handy. And if you are seeking for some gift ideas, we have a few recommendations that may serve the purpose under desperate situation. A week to go before the grand celebration. To all gentlemen and children, it is a Mother’s Day list of gift recommendations.



At NaoRococo| The Waterhouse, it is a day-to-day business activity for NR editorial to introduce a range of selected artworks that will not cost you the world. Yes, it is usual to introduce works by the name of big sharks (i.e. international galleries), but our editorial board do not neglect artists who have the key potential to their next career breakthrough. NR is also aware that artists’ brushstrokes and techniques evolve at their own pace, and our editorial board members are keen to meet the artists and to learn more about their passion.

Write to NR editorial if you have seen some artworks on this website that may be suitable for your mother’s living area, library or bedroom. We cannot guarantee that the works are still available-for-sale, but we can try to accommodate by suggesting alternative artworks produced by the same artist.

For this Mother’s Day, NaoRococo would like to introduce Natasha Lien, an artist based in London who has spent a significant amount of time producing incredible artworks. For Natasha’s artwork, write to Lin at for more details and for price quotation of her artworks.

RoyalTombwithCamel-850Royal Tomb with Camel, Petra, Jordan; Oil on Canvas 100 x 63 cm

No6_Toledo-eToledo, Spain; etching/ aquatint 52 x 75cm 

Hampstead sweet chestnut tree; pencil 150 x 95cm

It is impossible to emphasize the importance of a jewelry box. There are different ways to hang or to place jewelries in an orderly fashion, but it is always a hassle to bring pieces of jewelries e.g. rings, earrings to match with that evening gown after work.

Our editorial found this cute and rather amazing Japanese box which was previously dedicated for use by monks and nuns during the 1800s; to place some coins and small pieces of religious items. Presently, it can be purchased in almost all shops in Japan, and possibly online Japanese stores. Write us a note if you are aware of an online store selling this jewelry box. Tap on the video clip for the amazing twist & opened up jewelry box.

A trip to the temple to receive or to renew motherly blessings. Our editor shows how it is done in Japan-  focus on a wish, embrace the ‘smoke’ from the incense in the cauldron by using your two hands and sweep the ‘smoke’ towards you. Tap on video for illustration.

Not everyone cares about the presentation of a tissue box. In fact, designs on most tissues boxes are quite presentable. But, if you are looking for items which most mothers would not buy as part of their essentials but will appreciate to have one in the house, it has be a tissue holder.

Not all mums have the luxury to becoming a housewife with a sole purpose looking after the kids. To become a successful career woman and a mum, it is a blessing to have a nanny or much better to enrol your child to an after-school care.

Kids should be given the opportunity or choice to learn what they want, and such demands are often met during their after-school curriculum. After-school student care or ‘Day Mum’ is best given to meet your child’s constant thirst for growth, new experiences and knowledge. ‘Day Mums’ is also the ultimate reason for the success in family friendly scheme in Scandinavia. For those who are not aware or familiar of the Nordic regions, Scandinavian policies are renowned for family-orientated work schedules and education schemes for children of all age groups. It is good to learn from the good or the best.

For this Mother’s Day, it is about time to arrange an after-school care for your child or children. It redistributes four to five-hour per day to your wife’s hobby or to her career development; e.g. A prestigious student care along Mount Sinai Rise in Singapore and it is within proximity to Raffles Girls’ Primary School and Henry Park Primary School – Excelkidz arranges music and art lessons to their students:


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Source: NaoRococo


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