Movie Review: Yves Saint Laurent

Directed by Jalil Lespert, movie- Yves Saint Laurent (2014) received seven nominations at the 40th César awards, and Pierre Niney won the Best Actor of the year 2015. A French movie, accompanied with good looking French men and women, and the couture and the fashion business during the 1960s.

Our editorial were invited to attend a movie night at Alliance Français in Singapore. Though it was our second-time for YSL movie, we still like the movie very much so. The movie spoke much of the inner struggle and thoughts of a perfectionist, Yves Saint Laurent, a creative designer who was very well read and managed to infer his ideas back and forth from pre-existing elements in ancient culture. 

His ups and downs of his career- dismissal from Dior, and the influence he received from his friends, beautiful colleague Victoire, his best friend and long-term partner; Pierre Bergé were shown in the 104mins movie. There was no much of a background about Pierre Bergé, but it was obvious that he was the accountant, the business talker and the manager of Yves and the company- Yves Saint Laurent. If the story followed Yves’ biography and it was directed down to every detail, Pierre Bergé should be considered a God sent gift to Yves and to save Yves from further drama in his life.

The movie was very well produced, not only because it was about a renowned designer who managed to open his first company YSL logo-by-name Yves Saint Laurent at the age of 26, but also the portray of homosexuality, fashion and a rather extreme inner religion towards perfectionism were nicely projected on the screen.

Alliance Français is showcasing a list of French movies as part of Voilah! 2016 festival. Refer to their website for tickets costing and list of movies. 


Special thanks to Alliance Français in Singapore and Voilah! 2016

Source: NaoRococo

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