Limited edition prints and how to store them

Limited edition prints are photographs or recreated images that are usually accompanied with some photoshop finishing touches. Images are then printed on some good quality printing paper. Paper-type has to be graded as fine art or supreme. At the back of each limited prints, a fraction is often seen; e.g. 1/10, 3/50, 60/80. It is not wrong to call it a fraction, but to be exact the denominator (number below) indicates the total limited prints of that image, and the numerator (number above) indicates the sequence number of the production.

For example, if I have bought an limited edition print and its fraction is 2/10, it is the second print of that particular photographed image. This further illustrates that you will only find 10 copies of it worldwide. 10 prints of the same image sold worldwide, limited edition it is.

How to store your limited edition prints?
When I was studying in the University, I took an interest in photography. And I had my very first photograph printed off from my cybershot Sony digital camera. It was printed on an A3-print and it turned out okay, but the colors began to fade after awhile. Then I moved to a film-camera, a Canon old model AE1, and again pictures developed from the film were running its colors as if the Victorian lady came back to live in her vintage brown-orange dress.

The best effort to store prints, especially printed ones, is to place them away from sunlight, away from humidity, and avoid putting them in an environment that is subjected to drastic temperature changes. UV-rays from the sun changes the chemical components of the coloured pigments.

As similar to oil, resin-mixed and acrylic paintings, colours from prints are no less vulnerable to heat and humidity.

Next, if you are an album person, slot the prints in albums that are made of acid-free materials. The colours of your favourite prints are hence less likely to run.

Source: NaoRococo
Written by: Lin
Photographs in the article: Lin
Photograph of the featured image: Men at Work by Prachi Bhatnagar. Prachi’s artworks are now available at WGallery.

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