Updates for media and editorial guide

Here is an update of our editorial media guide. If you are an existing student or scholar seeking to publish your thoughts or perspectives on current affairs concerning art, architecture or design which may have an impact on the future, we would love to hear from you !!!! Do not phone us by telling us how important it is, but do write to us and submit your comprehensive document to the following email address: nylin@naorococo.net .

We have recently revised our editorial and media guide : NR editorial 2017 media pack and as much as we enjoy our work from photography to interior design, we reckon that it is important for public relations and communications companies to recognize that a sustainable revenue is required for publishing whereby time and effort are poured in. The slice of the cake should not go any smaller from outsourced communications to publishing outlets.

NaoRococo is an open-platform which means we do not charge our readers to access our published materials. Our pricing for public relations and any form of written publicity (to be published at NaoRococo and/or a preferred news agency, magazine, press) are listed in the media guide. It is a standard pricing for all.

Our motto persist, ‘ We are no triple-Js’ and we only recommend works (paid or not paid for) that we think that are of an impact on one or more of the followings: environment, cultural, art, architecture, design, and educational to the public.

If you have any questions concerning the editorial board and/or the media guide, write to or call us.

Sincerely yours,
NR Editorial at The Waterhouse.

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