An inevitable burned-out: We hate to say this, but we have to ‘No bananas in this zone.’

 We hate to say this, but we have to ‘No bananas in this zone.’

This blog started in October 2015 with the intent to educate the public and broadcast news concerning artworks and artists originating from different parts of the World. However, there was a criss-cross of events that were not within of our editorial board control and we chose to retreat.

We have no fear for all published content in this media art blog, but sometimes with the best intent it is often misinterpreted and the way to play our cards right was ‘to be wise’. We are glad to share with you that from October 2015 to October 2016, we have an approximately 1,000,000 shares of our editorial webcontent. In terms of ‘viral’ social statistics, it is not a lot but we are very happy to say that after months of dormancy, thanks to some of our very loyal readers we have some decent statistics.

We might not be uploading as often as of our publishing stats traffic in year 2015 and 2016, and we try to reduce the number of press releases to be shared on this platform.

It is a continuous mission to seek for innovative artworks with a nice combination of both art and science.

We have also recognised that some of our innovative ideas were misplaced and were trashed to enterprises that we have no previous contact or affiliation with. If we must say, someone out there owes each of our editorial board members at least a million U.S dollars each.

Each editorial member is a consultant in their field of expertise, and if you like what we have written here and would like to cooperate with one of our brilliant minds (yes, our brain costs money), write to us or leave a comment.

And no, we are not planning to sell our gametes for an offspring that we may never meet in our lifetime. And no, we are not affiliated to Suki Waterhouse or the renowned artist Waterhouse.

Source: NR editorial, The Waterhouse.


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